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Humble Beginnings

Josette Armijo, wife and mother of two, is the founder of Abigail's Secret Garden. Born in London, England, and now living in New Mexico, first started to sew at the age of seven, and was taught by her grandmother who, in turn, was taught by her grandmother who helped make Queen Alexandra's wedding dress.  Married to her USAF retired husband of 35 years,

 Josette through their many travels, has experienced multiple cultures which has given her a vast knowledge of designs and desires worldwide.  With this special knowledge, she has designed numerous wedding dresses, ballet/dance costumes, soft furnishings and not to mention floral and bath and body products as well as interior design.  Now a grandmother of two, Josette is passing her knowledge on to her own Granddaughter Abigail who has a natural flare for design.

Renowned Quality

Design is endless.  It is difficult to narrow down products and services as the imagination and creativity flows.  You may start off by purchasing a simple organic soap or bath bomb which is decorated exquisitely and then end up with a beautiful decorated bathroom with luscious florals, elegant shower curtain and drapes, as well as wall hangings, embroidered towels, doilies and candles, all of which Josette creates to your own personal taste.  Special orders are always welcome and you may also purchase directly ready made items from this website too!

To Our Dear Friends A​broad...

We are proud to state that our items are available for purchase globally.  All we ask is that if you are located outside of the United States, you simply message us.  Someone will be in contact with you within one to two business days to discuss your order and shipping costs...

We hope to hear from you soon!


"Abigail's Secret Garden"



What is more important to plan than your perfect Wedding Day? Have you considered a "Vintage Style Wedding?"

Victorian romance is in the air with this theme.   From the simple to the unusual, decorations and favors for your memorable day can be specially made to enhance the perfection. 

If not a wedding, why not your home?


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Abigail's Secret Garden

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